The HIFIVE Collective provides award-winning design and fabrication to elevate your space to the highest level.



Bold. Clean. Effective. Focusing on high quality materials with modular componentry and scalable designs. Core base structures are customizable to highlight your brand and messaging. 


Simple. Durable. Portable. Years of experience designing spaces for trade show, event and retail environments. Our designs are built for high impact communications, ease of use and mobility.


Image. Tone. Texture. Communications that get to the point quickly, creating reactions and a desire to know more. If you had to describe your company in five words - what would you say?

Built to Inspire. Built to Last. 


Years of real world experience in exhibit design, application and fabrication has led us here. A place where beautiful materials come together to form inspiring environments. By using channeled aluminum extrusion as our structural backbone, we create strength, durability and design flexibility. We compliment these lines with high quality wood and environmentally friendly materials. 



When Portability, Quality and Ease of Setup Matters.


Here's our take - Displaying is 90% percent content and 10% percent hardware. The content drives emotion and your call to action. We recommend focusing most of your attention on the graphic design and brand communications - having a visual appeal with a tactical purpose. That said, you need a hardware system that's dependable, durable and easy to use. We only offer high quality products with the best warranty available. Our products are proven, tested, and meet our strict requirements.




Large Format Design is Its Own Art.


Creating content specific to large format design requires a special skill set. Our team understands the nuances in creating effective communications on larger than life media. Think of this - you have five seconds to get someone's attention, tell them what you do and how you can help them. On top of that, adhering to brand guidelines, building technically correct files including; proper layout, precise color profiles and output formats. Let us help you get it right the first time.



Large Format Printing and Finishing


Industry leading technology provides the highest quality graphics available. We print to flexible and hard substrates such as boards, fabric, poly banner and vinyl. Our finishing abilities include CNC cutting systems, heat presses, hot and cold laminators, welders and Lockstitch sewing machines.



Build it. Ship it. Store it. Repeat.


Budget is the one of the first things to consider before building a trade show program. Purchasing, renting and leasing options are available for most structural products in our exhibit and display lineup. Once your exhibit is built, it's time to hit the road and get a return on your investment. To help, we've put together a process that outlines your journey start to finish. It includes asset inventory, shipping logistics, labor supervision and warehousing management.