Founded in 2004, HIFIVE employs highly acclaimed professionals and is well respected in the structural, industrial and graphic design community. A Four-Time Award Winner, Best-In-Show Exhibit Design. Silver Award Winner, Best Modular Exhibit - Event Design Magazine


A progressive design, fabrication and media firm that develops and produces brand experiences for trade show, event and retail environments. Unique in business model and client list, we offer high quality, creative products and services in an efficient, value-focused approach. We emphasize education, quality, simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness in our works.


Experience & Client Portfolio


The Collective

David Kelly

Henry Thai
Graphic Production

Che McPherson
Graphic Design

Lorie Marini

Brenda Kujawa
Graphic Production

Denise Ruckel
Display Production

Richard Stein
Marketing Strategy

Steve Phillips
Exhibit Production

Mike Rice
Graphic Production

Joe Douglas
Display Production

Vicky Williamson
Field Services

Patrick Keegan
Exhibit Design

Chuck Moser
Graphic Design

Paula DiBiagio
Display Production